Use an integrated ad serving & RTB platform
to manage all your digital campaigns

6 reasons to choose Smart AdServer

  1. Save money & time with an all-inclusive ad server

    Simplify your digital campaign management & optimise your organisation by opting for a powerful all-in-one ad server

  2. Opt for the leading Mobile ad server

    Easily deliver Rich Media banner on Mobile sites & apps, with our SDKs for Android & iOS....

  3. Easily program rich media and video campaigns

    Attract your advertisers thanks to innovative & ready-to-use ad formats for Web & Mobile, available in a built-in gallery

  4. Extend the value of your audience with data

    Increase performances using data such as audience segmentation, interest targeting, retargeting

  5. Go beyond ad serving with a Real Time Bidding

    Use a flexible mediation platform connected with RTB partners and Web & Mobile ad networks to best monetize your inventory

  6. Benefit from quality service and round the clock support

    Get excellent assistance to meet your expectatives thanks to dedicated local experts.

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